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How to Choose the Best Low Maintenance Plants for the Home and Office

How many plants do you have in your home? Do you have lots of them, dotted about in various rooms and locations? Maybe your dalliance with fresh plants is limited to the odd bunch of flowers when you remember to buy them. And what about the office – does that look resplendent with a range of plants and foliage or does it look drab and uninviting?

Whatever your home or office space looks like, there is no doubt that plants are the ideal way to brighten it up. You don’t even have to get real ones if you aren’t green fingered – artificial plants can work just as well. It’s worth spending a bit more money to get the best quality ones so they look authentic. But you won’t have to prune them or tend to them in the hope they will survive for the long term. You can simply dust the leaves and they’ll look fabulous day in, day out.

When you think about it we have a lot of greenery in our lives, no matter how green fingered we are. The festive period is a particularly good time to welcome greenery into the home in the shape of a Christmas tree. Whether we get artificial ones or real fir trees, decorated Christmas trees look sensational throughout the month of December every single year. You can also get everyone into the festive spirit by ordering decorated Christmas trees for your office building. It doesn’t matter whether they are real or not – the best part is in knowing they are able to bring people together to enjoy the view.

Although some people think it is cheating to choose Hem och hush̴ll artificial plants, nothing could be further from the truth. They have the same ability to lighten the appearance of your surroundings and to provide you with a better outlook Рregardless of whether you have the plants at home or at work. In fact most people would say they feel better when they are surrounded by plants in their office space. It certainly beats being stuck in drab grey surroundings that make you feel far from inspired or happy.

To get the most authentic look when you want to buy artificial greenery as opposed to real live plants, you should choose the most appropriate plants for each area. For example some naturally love light and sunny places, whereas others hate direct sunlight. By choosing the best places for all your plants to sit in, you can get an authentic appearance as well as enjoying the plants you have bought.

As you can see, plants can provide the essential finishing touch to your home or office. It’s not a question of whether you go for real ones or not; it’s a question of making the decision to go green in the first place.

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