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Learning the Swedish Language Made Really Simple

The Swedish language is not really difficult to learn by an English language speaker. First of all, there are cognates or related words: ‘katt’ for cat, ‘hund’ for hound. Secondly, unlike the Romance languages and German, you don’t have to bother remember any conjugation of verb.

It’s one of the easiest languages to master really (one year would be enough, in fact), but you can even master it a faster. Living in a Swedish household or community was perhaps the most effective means of acquiring the language faster in the olden times, aside from taking a Swedish spouse, but today you can learn the language even without going out of your home!

Learning a second language, especially one that is not really spoken by many, can be a challenge in terms of motivation. You may need to struggle your way to language mastery by finding your interest first in the language lessons, which includes the correct Swedish grammar, vocabulary, its culture, and finally speaking it as if it’s the language you were born to speak.

Well, there’s actually more to Sweden than cold climate: history (Vikings, royalty, medieval adventures, battles, empires), Norse mythology, breathtaking landscapes, Volvos (safest cars in the world and no longer boxy), Ericsson mobile gizmos, Nobel Prize and Ingrid Bergman, to list a few. Here’s more: once you’ve learned Swedish, you’re not far acquiring two other languages – Norwegian and Danish.

Digital technology has given us means to learn new languages much easier than an Arab could learn Chinese centuries ago. Easy, learner-friendly approaches and the use of advanced gizmos make one’s language learning more accurate and faster. So even if you are located thousands of miles away from Sweden, you can learn how to tell Victoria Silvstedt in her native language how good she looks in her bikinis.

No need to dig up some dust-covered Nyheter i Sverige language books (if there’s anything about Swedish) in the local library or drive to the bookstore. For your convenience, online vendors are facilitating downloads of Swedish language learning audio books. The internet helps you look for the most efficient program you can download into your computer.

There are several programs online and among them, the Pimsleur approach is one of the most easy to absorb. It is designed to help you learn the exact words and phrases used in speech. This software may include spoken audios, games and even proficiency tests.

Since it is available in a downloadable format, you can burn it into CDs, DVDs or Blu-Ray disks and play it in your laptop, car stereo or handy disk player. Or you can load it straight into your pocket computer, iPod or smart phone.

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