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Math – Fun Activity – Working With Fractions

During our elementary years at school one math fun activity is working on fractions. Although the level of work on fractions for elementary is usually very basic like adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with fractions, it is still important for our future in math. Again let me reiterate that even if working with fractions may be difficult and sometimes complicated it would still be worthwhile to create math activities that will make learning fractions fun and easy.

There are some rules to follow in working with fractions which should be emphasized before we can make fun activities:

1. Add or subtract fractions with the same denominators

  • Add or subtract the numerators only and use the same denominator.

2. Add subtract fractions with different denominators

  • Find a common denominator by taking the least common multiple of the denominators or by multiplying the denominators.
  • Convert both fractions by simply dividing the common denominator by the denominator and multiply the result to the numerator.
  • Add or subtract using the rule on adding fractions with the same denominators.

3. Multiply fractions

  • Multiply the numerators and the denominators.
  • Product of the numerators over the product of the denominators is the resulting fraction.
  • Simplify the resulting fraction if both the numerator and denominator is divisible by one number.

4. Divide fractions

  • Multiply the first fraction’s numerator by the second fraction’s denominator for the new numerator.
  • Multiply the second fraction’s numerator by the first fraction’s denominator for the new denominator.
  • If the resulting fraction has a numerator greater than its denominator, divide the numerator by the denominator to get a mixed number.

5. Create equivalent fractions 

6. Convert a mixed number to a fraction

  • Multiply the whole number part by the denominator.
  • Add the numerator to get the numerator.
  • Use the same denominator as in the fractional part of the mixed number.

7. Convert an improper fraction to a mixed number

  • Divide the numerator by the denominator to get the whole number part.
  • The remainder will be the numerator of the fractional part.
  • Denominator is the same as the improper fraction’s denominator.

8. Simplify fractions

  • Find the greatest common divisor of the numerator and denominator.
  • Divide both the numerator and denominator by the greatest common divisor.

Fun Activities with Fractions 

1. Using dominoes, you can have your kid add or subtract fractions using the domino tiles that he/she picks up from a pool of tiles with their right sides down. Do the game randomly so that there will be variations like same denominators and different denominators. You can also haven and use separate cards for the operations like +, -, *, / and have them right side down so that aside from getting 2 domino tiles they will also have to pick from the cards the operation they will have to use or to perform on the domino tiles.

2. You can also use different colored paper plates and have your kids divide and cut out parts of each plate and have them perform certain operations. They can show the results by using the cut out paper plates too.

There are a lot of other innovative ways that you can design or use to make working with fractions a fun math activity for your kids.

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