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The Skillset of a Great Security Guard

There are a number of different skills that a security guard should possess.

Because one of the main tasks required of a security guard is to write reports, he or she must be a good writer. Reports made while on the job are very important because they keep track of everything that goes on within the area, and may be used in court to report on the exact events on a certain day

The reports should be detailed, so in addition to good writing skills, an attention to detail is a skill that is also necessary. An attention to detail will not only help you write better reports, but it will help you become a better guard. While on patrol, it is your job to notice everything. The places in your location and if they are the way they are supposed to be, as well as the people around you and how they all look and act. If a situation were to arise, for example, that would need you to recall how a person looks, if you’re detailed you can easily describe what that person looked like.

To expand on that, a good personal protection in London memory will serve you well. There are a lot of tasks that are required of a security guard, so the better memory you have, the easier your job will be. Also, you would be able to remember people and certain events that happen while on the job, which may be useful in court if you had to testify.

Another skill that a security guard should possess is quick thinking. Many times, you will only have a few seconds to make a decision, so in just a few seconds you will ave to weigh the pros and cons and make an educated choice based on that. It can be scary at times, especially because there are situations that arise where threats are present, and weapons and confrontations may occur.

Lastly, good communication skills are important. The guard is the liaison between the events that happen in a location, and the police or fire department. If one cannot communicate, the police or fire department will have a hard time understanding the situation, which may put them and others in danger. Also, communication is important because you will almost be like a customer service help desk while on the job. Many people will come to you for help, or even to explain a situation that they think you should take action on.

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