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Why Your Company Should Start an Internal Newsletter

The Top Three Reasons for Starting an Internal Newsletter:

1) Keep your employees informed.
2) Advertise your company culture.
3) Implement change management.

In my journeys as a copywriter from Boulder, Colorado to the streets of New York City, I worked for a lot of different clients in a variety of industries. All of these companies had something to sell their customers, which is where they put their focus. What I didn’t see a lot of, though, were companies spending resources to “sell” the business to their own employees. Surprising when you consider it’s those same employees who are out there “selling” the business.

Internal communications can be as valuable as your inventory or your hardware. Just like you have technicians that service your computers and fax machines, opening up lines of communication with your employees is a way to make sure you are maximizing your human resources. So often, you see a company that doesn’t get the most out of its employees simply because workers aren’t viewed like database servers or delivery trucks when they probably should be. The people who work for you need maintenance, too.

So how do you do this?

A big part of internal communications is learning how to sell your company to your employees. Everyone needs to be up-to-date, and everyone needs to buy in. You have resources for reaching your target audience outside the office, so make sure you are also utilizing every one of those available tactics on the internal front. For maximum efficiency, try creating a monthly newsletter.

Yes, meetings can be important, but unless Företagsnyheter they consistently offer a visceral experience (and we’ve all been in enough meetings to know that many of them are useless), the same type of information can be conveyed by email or on print. And the great thing about a newsletter is that it won’t interrupt employees from their daily tasks like a meeting will. With a newsletter, you can give people the option to read company news on their own time.

The bottom line is this: How can you expect your employees to sell what your company has to offer when those same employees haven’t had the company sold to them? The best way to do this is to reach out to them, whether your goal is keeping workers informed, implementing changes, or simply highlighted company culture.

And, remember, the time spent looking internally can often give you a greater return on investment than the same amount of time spent focusing outward.

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